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Winnd Shield Survey Public Health Project

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Winnd Shield Survey Public Health Project




COMMUNITY NAME AND LOCATION ____LINO Lakes Minnesota____________________________________

Windshield Survey is a process used to collect data while the observer drives or walks through a community for an observational assessment. The survey provides insight into the community resources by observing components within the community such as safety; mobility concerns as roads, sidewalks, handicapped availability; lighting; or health care facilities. A Windshield Survey is a composite of these data collected through personal observation. The observations assist a public/community health nurse to coordinate health needs of a community. Data obtained are helpful when identifying trends, problems, needs in the community, as well as strengths.

Some of the issues you need to address in the Windshield Survey includes access to health care; social support systems; safety and environmental issues within the community; educational support systems; access to outdoor space; and other physical space issues you may notice. The Guidelines below will help you complete the Windshield Survey Assignment.

Guidelines: Most of your data collected should be placed in charts, graphs, or other pictorial presentations such as tables or figures and placed in an appendix to accompany your written submission. These streamline your written presentation and demonstrate higher level thinking skills. Your written content should focus on interpreting and discussing the data collected.

To complete the Windshield Survey you will be:

  • Picking a SMALL community within your local area (Your instructor will assist you)
  • Completing an assessment
  • Identifying the community health needs/problems/assets based upon your Windshield Survey data.
  • Analyzing your collected data (placed in the Appendix of your written assignment) and interpreting these data in a written narrative.
  • The analysis must include a minimum of three needs and assets, providing a rationale for selection of one need to develop a potential solution strategy for that problem.
  • Providing a potential solution strategy for the identified need.

The follow are the components to include in the Windshield Survey. These should not be limited to the following.


1) Overview and Identify the Community as a PLACE

  • Describe the community
  • Boundaries and Topography
  • Climate, extreme heat or cold
  • Environmental Quality
    • Waste Disposal
    • Water Supply
    • Air Pollution
  • Type of Housing and Overall Condition
  • Land Use
  • Industry
  • Housing and Other Buildings


2) Identify the PEOPLE of the Community

  • Size of the Population
  • Density of Population
  • Demographic Characteristics
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Race/Ethnicity
    • Birth and Death Rates
    • Leading Causes of Death
    • Leading Cause of Morbidity and Mortality
  • Socioeconomic Status
    • Occupations
    • Employment Level
    • Income Levels
    • Educational Status


3) Identify the Community as a SOCIAL Support, Community Health Care Systems, Economic, and Environmental Resources

Discuss each of the following in relation to the population served, as well as availability, accessibility of service, cost and eligibility:

  • Adequacy of Facilities
    • Educational
      • Schools (e.g.. plant; playground safety)
      • Types of Education
      • Literacy Rates
      • Special Education
      • Sex Education
      • School Lunch Programs
      • After-school Programs
      • Access to Higher Education
    • Recreational
      • Parks and Playgrounds
      • Libraries
      • Public and Private Recreation
      • Special Facilities
    • Daycare
  • Adequacy of Provisions
    • Transportation
      • Intercity and Intra-City
      • Handicapped
      • Emergency Transport
      • Public Transportation and Traffic
    • Community Safety
      • Police Protections
      • Fire Protection
  • Adequacy of Services and Providers
    • Healthcare Services
      • Mental Health Care
      • Ambulatory Care
      • Preventative Health Services
      • Welfare Services
    • Healthcare Facilities
      • Hospitals and Emergency
      • Nursing Homes and Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Facilities
      • Urgent Care Centers
      • Ancillary Health Care Services
    • Healthcare Providers: Number of Physicians, Dentists, and Nurses per Population
  • Adequacy of Cultural and Entertainment Facilities: Theaters and Other Places of Entertainment
  • Adequacy of Faith Communities and Community Organizations
    • Churches and Synagogues
    • Denominations
    • Community Programs
    • Health-related Programs and Parish Health Programs
    • Community Programs
  • Community and Public Services
    • Fire Protection
    • Police Protection
    • Emergency Medical Services
    • Utilities


4) Potential Solution Strategy Plan – Analyzed in terms of #1-#3

  • Potential solution addresses the needs and assets of the community
  • Solution strategy provides consistent direction addressing the problem
  • Identifies the resources and opportunities to barriers
  • Applicable to the target population
  • Strategy participation from community leaders, cultural/ethnic groups, or those affected by the problem.

Suggested websites to assist you in gathering additional data




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Winnd Shield Survey Public Health Project

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