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Leadership Group Assignments: Ethical Issues in Nursing

Leadership Group Assignments: Ethical Issues in Nursing

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1. Is there a difference between personal ethics and professional ethics?

2. Compare and contrast various ethical theories.

3. Think of an ethical issue and apply the seven basic ethical principles to it.

4. What is a code of ethics?

5. Review some current ethical issues noted in health care.

6. What is an ethical dilemma in nursing?

7. How are ethical dilemmas resolved in nursing?

Impairment in the Workplace (Group 2)

1. What is impairment in the workplace? 2. What are the signs of impairment? 3. Identify both behavioral and physical signs of impairment in the workplace. 4. Discuss the Intervention Program for Nurses (IPN). 5. What programs and initiatives do some employers offer to promote safety and provide

assistance? 6. What are the treatment options for impairment in the workplace?

Leadership and Management (Group 3)

1. Compare and contrast different leadership theories. 2. Describe the different types of power that leaders use. 3. What is nursing empowerment? 4. What is shared governance? 5. Differentiate the roles of manager and leader. 6. Compare and contrast the various levels of management. 7. Describe the classical functions of management. 8. Discuss ways to become an effective leader.

Delegation and Prioritization of client care & Scope of Practice (Group 4)

1. Differentiate delegation from work allocation. 2. Describe the benefits of delegation. 3. Describe the delegation process. 4. Discuss the difficulties with and obstacles to delegation of patient care. 5. What are the “Rights of Delegation” according to the Florida Board of Nursing? 6. What is prioritization of care and why is this important? 7. Review Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in relation to prioritizing care. 8. What is meant by scope of practice? 9. What is the scope of practice for RNs, LPNs, PCTs, NAs and UAPs?

Conflict Management (Group 5)

1. What is conflict? 2. Discuss the many common sources of conflict. 3. Describe the positive and negative aspects of conflict. 4. Compare and contrast different ways of managing conflict. 5. What is problem resolution and how is it utilized? 6. Is there a difference between problem resolution and negotiation? 7. What is collective bargaining?

Change (Group 6)

1. What is the process of change? 2. Compare and contrast change theories. 3. What is resistance to change, how do you recognize it and what can you do about it? 4. Explain the steps of planned change. 5. Compare and contrast change agent strategies. 6. Describe the skills that a change agent needs.

Other Issues in Nursing & Healthcare (Group 7)

1. What is Magnet Status? 2. Explain the steps in becoming a Magnet facility. 3. What are Core Measures? 4. What is the purpose of the Joint Commission? 5. What are the 2018 National Patient Safety Goals and what purpose do they serve? 6. Please review the goals for 2020. 7. Discuss the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems

(HCAHPS)? 8. Why are HCAPS important in nursing?

Guidelines for Seminar Assignments

All students will actively participate in seminar assignments by:

1. Joining a group or as individual to prepare a group presentation on a specified topic. 2. Actively assisting the group or individually to develop the presentation, handouts, videos,

games and any other needed materials. 3. Actively presenting the group presentation 4. Reviewing the presentation comments with members of the group for improvement

and/or feedback from instructor.

Group Presentation Topics include: These are the objectives and questions needed for your presentations: Please be as creative as possible, to include role playing, PowerPoint slides, Preszi presentations, Sway presentations, Kahoot, pamphlets, games and any other teaching strategy that is available for your use. Presentations should be between 30 – 45 minutes and allow at least 5 minutes for questions.

All information can be found in your textbook for the course, or on the web. Provide citation for sources on the PowerPoint slides or handouts in APA format.

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Leadership Group Assignments: Ethical Issues in Nursing
Leadership Group Assignments: Ethical Issues in Nursing

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