PHI 2103 Introduction to Critical Thinking Discussion

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PHI 2103 Introduction to Critical Thinking Discussion




Cogent reasoning is different from deductive reasoning because the premises and conclusions of cogent arguments are determined to be most likely true and to lead to conclusions that are probably true. A cogent argument is one for which there is good evidence for the premises and conclusion, and thus is considered plausible or likely.

For your initial post:

  1. Create a cogent argument.
  2. Explain why you think the premises are likely to be true. Explain why the conclusion is likely true as well.
  3. Show how the conclusion can still be false even if your premises are true.

Reply posts:

Select at least two of your peers’ posts. Try to find posts that do not yet have a response. Analyze their arguments and determine if you also believe them to be cogent. Explain your reasoning. In addition, is there a way to make the argument a valid, deductive argument? Why or why not?

Peer 1
This is an invalid argument. The initial premise was also used as a conclusion. This would be more accurate if you said all your neighbors dogs are brown. Through reasoning we are stating that all dogs are brown which is an unsound premise. Then stating the neighbors dog is brown. The question remains what where you trying to conclude? Where you trying to say all dogs are brown or that all your neighbors dogs are brown.

Peer 2:

My cogent argument. is about birds.

Most. birds can fly.

Chickens I have on farm are birds.

So therefore, chickens can fly because they are birds.

This is mostly true for the simple fact that all birds have feathers which help with aerodynamics. All the birds I see out in nature around Minnesota do Fly. Except pheasants, turkeys, and chickens who mostly walk but if they have to they can fly in a pinch. I’ve seen it with my chickens flying up in and out of the trees within there chicken run. Some birds such as penguins swim, some run fast such as ostriches and emus. Birds the only living animals that have feathers, all birds have 2 wings. All bird species lay eggs for reproduction. Birds are warm blooded vertebrate creatures just like us human beings are warm blooded vertebrate beings. Birds can have different appearances between the males and females.

Another example is that I was born in south dakota.

I was not born in minnesota or north dakota.

Therefore I was born in south dakota.

Aslo stating that I was born in the midwest, great plains, and the united states of America. Knowing that I was born in South Dakota can pin point or guess that I was raised around the same area such as in the midwest.

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