HI 2103 Introduction to Critical Thinking Discussion

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HI 2103 Introduction to Critical Thinking Discussion

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Both inductive and deductive reasoning are important and useful; they are essentially two sides of the same coin. Deductive reasoning starts with a premise and works toward a conclusion, working from the general to a specific conclusion. Inductive reasoning does the opposite. It works from specifics to a more general conclusion.

Initial Post:

  1. Create both a valid and sound deductive and an inductive argument.
  2. Which of your arguments do you think is stronger?
  3. Why do you think this is the case? Is one type of argument always stronger than the other?
  4. Is one type of argument more useful than the other? Why is this the case?

Reply posts:

Select two of your peers’ posts and address the following:

  • Which of the two arguments do you think is the stronger one? Why? Is there a way to make the weaker of the two arguments better?
  • Do you agree with the original post’s position about the strength of inductive and deductive arguments? Why or why not?

Peer Response:

Valid and sound deductive – An argument intended by the arguer to be deductively valid in which provides a valid truth of the conclusion of the argument’s premises are true.


All bachelors are not married,

John is not married

Therefore, he is a bachelor.

Inductive argument – An argument intended by the arguer to be strong enough that if the premises were to be true , then it is unlikely that the conclusion is false.


Jane greets me on a sunny day

Today is sunny

So therefore, she will greet me.

One argument is always stronger than the other because one is trying to prove a point of truth.

When it comes to comparing these two arguments valid and sound deductive is stronger compare to inductive argument because it provides more truth than inductive argument where the truth is unlikely to be false but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be 100% false.
In this discussion, the focus is deductive and inductive reasoning. To bring an in-depth understanding between the two, let’s look at the definition of each segment and an example to aid in the concept. First, let’s look at deductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning is a process to determine if an assumption is valid or not. All premises must be true, and the premises must be clear. The second premise must hold the first premise’s idea, while the conclusion must come from the premises. Lastly, the conclusion must be true.


All fruits have vitamins.

All apples are fruits.

Therefore, all apples have vitamins.

When we look at inductive reasoning, the premises supply some evidence, but not enough to ensure that the conclusion is valid. Inductive reasoning is a method that utilizes one’s experience/observations to come up with the expressed truth.


Norman is a grandfather.

Norman is bald

Therefore, all grandfathers are bald.

Dependent on the situation at hand, both deductive and inductive reasoning can hold a stronger argument. Deductive reasoning provides a proper conclusion without any doubt. Both premises support each other reflecting on a valid conclusion. There is no room for error or misjudgment, which is beneficial for decision-making, solving challenges, and teaching. Inductive reasoning is questionable and is the result of a conclusion that is probably but not true. Inductive reasoning is beneficial for predicting outcomes. Neither argument is more valuable than the other, nor is one stronger than the other. Deductive reasoning will always hold a more prominent position in logic but based on the difficulty of breaking down the truth on-premises, both segments of reason can have a more prominent role.

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