STA 1625 Essential Statistic and Analytics Permutation & Combination Discussion

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STA 1625 Essential Statistic and Analytics Permutation & Combination Discussion




Permutations and combinations are calculations to determine how many ways events can occur. These two counting techniques can be seen when trying to count how many ways we can arrange books on a shelf to how many different combinations of toppings are available on a pizza.


In your initial post:

  • Describe the differences between permutations and combinations by providing two real-life examples:
  • The first example should demonstrate how permutations can be used in a real-life example.
  • The second example should demonstrate how combinations can be used in a real-life example.
  • Solve each example by showing and explaining all the steps.
  • Reflect on your examples by identifying the differences in set up and solving techniques.

In your reply post:

  • Reflect on your peer’s post and explain how you can use permutations and combinations to solve probability problems.
  • Or reflect on the usefulness of permutations and combinations in everyday life.
  • Or provide another real-life example of permutations and combinations.


Example of Permutation

There are three alphabets that are chosen from A, B, C, D, E. Reputation is not allowed so how many ways it can be done?

I am calculating the number of ways 3 alphabets can be chosen from 5 letters.

35P=5(5-3)! = 5X4X3X 2X12X1=60

There are 60 possible ways

Example of Combination

Working can consume most of my time during the week. The problem is effecting my social life with my family. I work 5 days out of the week. To solve the problem I want to plan on how much time I can spend with them.

with my family= Work-Week

=5 Days-7 Days

Time with family= 2 days

Permutation is about the different arrangements that can be made from a given set. Combinations is all about grouping.…

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