North Minneapolis Windshield Survey

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North Minneapolis Windshield Survey




Windshield Survey Tool

Nurses must be able to knowledgeably plan services for individuals, families and the community.In order to effectively plan, it is essential that you are aware of the resources specific to the community a client resides in to allow for identification of health-related resources and to understand gaps in services. A windshield survey is conducted from a car and provides a visual overview of a community. Conditions and trends in the community that could affect the health of the population should be noted. This data provides background and context for working with individuals and families in their community.Information gathered from this survey should be added to this template.


What can you glean by looking? Is this an established neighborhood, or new?Is there a specific history associated?


What sorts of people do you see? Age? Families?

Housing and Zoning

What is the age of the buildings?Are the residences single family or multifamily dwellings?

Signs of Decay

Is the area well maintained or in disrepair? Is there garbage strewn? Are there trashed/abandoned cars, places for rodents or other wildlife to hide, vacant lots?

Parks and Recreational Areas

Are there play areas for children and adults? Are they safe and maintained? Is there a Community Center? Who uses them?

Common Areas

Where do people collect for social gatherings; where do they “hang out”? Are they for particular groups or are they open to all? Are there signs posted?


What stores (grocery, retail, drug, dry cleaning, etc.) are in the area? How do residents travel to them?


How do most people get around the area? Is there public transportation? If so what kind and does it appear to be used? Who uses it? What is the condition of the streets, roads, highways?


Is there evidence of local and national newspapers to other media? Are there informational posters on streets, busses, billboards, etc.?

Service Centers

What services are available in the community – health care, social services, schools, employment offices etc.?

People in the Community

Who is in the area during the day?What evidence is thereof particular “classes” of people – upper, middle, working, lower?


What are the major industries located in the area? What types of occupations are evident?

Protective Services

Where are fire and police stations located? Is there evidence of police and fire protection in the area?


What is the predominant ethnic group? Are there residents from a variety of ethnic backgrounds or is the community mostly one group? Which one? Are there stores, restaurants, churches, schools, or languages that indicate a particular ethnic group(s)?

Values and Beliefs

Are there churches, mosques, temples? Do you see advertisements for youth groups, children’s groups, family support?

Health and Morbidity

Is there evidence of any health problems such as drug/alcohol abuse, communicable or chronic diseases, mental illness (etc)?

Political Environment

Is there evidence of political activity?Are there any signs that indicate a predominant political party (parties)or concern(s)?

  • Complete a windshield survey of the community where the family resides –Identify at least two services that are available to the family where they live.Identify at least 2 services needed by the family that are missing from the community.How might they access them? (*See windshield survey rubric)

Sanchez and Aimes Family

Live in: North Minneapolis, MN

  • Antonio Sanchez (husband)
  • Helen Aimes-Sanchez (wife)
  • Anthony Sanchez
  • Cristina Sanchez, Tracie Aimes – sisters / Maria Sanchez – Antonio’s mother

Antonio Sanchez:

  • Marital Status: Married to Helen for 18 years. Divorced previous to this
  • Children: With Helen – Anthony and Cristina, stepdaughter Tracie
  • Religion: Roman Catholic
  • Hobbies: Loves eating traditional Costa Rican food, watching TV and movies, repairing broken household items
  • Support System: Close with his mother, wife, and children
  • Ethnicity: Latinx
  • Employment: Delivery truck driver for construction company – Salary: $26.00 per hour
  • Education: High school graduate
  • Health Insurance: Preferred Physician Organization (PPO)
  • Combined: Housing: Owns a 3-bedroom home in town
  • Combined: Debt: Owes $92,000 on his home to be paid off in 17 years. 1 car paid for. Owes $3800 for 1 used car. Credit card debt of $13,135. Paying minimum payment. Has $500 in savings.
  • Medical History: Antonio is in good health except for his chronic low back pain and hyperlipidemia.


  • Marital Status: Married to Antonio 18 years. Divorced previous to this
  • Children: With Antonio – Anthony and Cristina, daughter Tracie from previous marriage
  • Religion: Roman Catholic
  • Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, and playing the piano
  • Volunteer Service: Member of PTA at the Neighborhood High School
  • Support System: Relies heavily on her oldest daughter, Tracie. Close relationship with her husband and other children – does not like Antonio’s mother as she tries to take over
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Employment: Bank teller – Salary: $15.00 per hour
  • Education: High school graduate
  • Health Insurance: On Antonio’s insurance – Preferred Physician Organization (PPO)
  • Medical History: Helen’s medical history includes obesity, cholelithiasis, severe anxiety and panic attacks


  • Marital Status: Single – lives at home
  • Siblings: Sisters Cristina and Tracie
  • Religion: Roman Catholic
  • Hobbies: Likes math and science
  • Support System: Minimal. Lives with his family but prefers to be alone. No close friends
  • Ethnicity: Latinx
  • Employment: Grocery bagger
  • Salary: Minimum wage
  • Education: High school student
  • Health Insurance: On father’s insurance – Preferred Physician Organization (PPO)
  • Debt: None
  • Medical History: Anthony is physically healthy – but begins to develop some phobias while a senior in high school, becomes isolated, experiences an acute psychotic event and is diagnosed with schizophrenia.


Focus of your Family in Transition: Anthony’s diagnosis of schizophrenia has the family in turmoil – as he is difficult to live with, is in and out of treatment, and Helen is not able to work and care for Anthony at the same time. Tracie does not want to be involved and Antonio’s mother comes to live with them – consistently comes to Anthony’s rescue.

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