NUR 3306 Integration of Genetics & Genomics Into Ethical Nursing Discussion

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NUR 3306 Integration of Genetics & Genomics Into Ethical Nursing Discussion




Initial Post

As you begin your first clinical site rotation, the preceptor asks you about the ethical treatment of clients with Alzheimer’s disease. You are not sure of how to respond, so she suggests you review the Belmont Report. You see that this report has three principles: beneficence, justice, and respect for persons.

  • Select one of these principles and describe why it is essential to you as a professional nurse when caring for clients with Alzheimer’s Disease and their family
  • Describe a possible scenario that reflects how nursing services are applied with the principle that you selected.

Response Posts

Response Post 1: After reviewing the post of your colleagues, select one that has chosen a Belmont Report principle different than your own and comment on how it is different yet complementary to the principle you selected.

Response Post 2: Find a classmate that has chosen the same principle yet described a different scenario. Describe how your classmate’s case may or may not reflect the two Belmont Report principles that he or she did not highlight.

The initial post is already submitted please help me respond to the 2 posts below:


1/7/22, 7:58 PM

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The Belmont Report gave many adults without voices their own protection from others who would harm them and the voice that they desperately needed. A big part and the main idea that was in the report was justice which everyone deserves in life. “An injustice occurs when some benefit to which a person is entitled is denied without good reason or when some burden is imposed unduly” (The Belmont Report). Justice encompasses everything throughout life; those with Alzheimer’s Disease and their families are in more need of that because the disease makes the person forgetful and progressively unable to do for themselves. This makes it almost impossible for them to communicate at times if at all.

A scenario in which this would be important is when a patient in a homecare setting is to be given food and clothing but the caregiver is pocketing the money leaving the patient hungry for days and with old torn clothing. After a while a supervisor comes to check on the caregiver as well as the patient to find that the patient is starved in very old clothes in this instance the caregiver is fired and family is notified of the abuse. Sadly this scenario happens in the real world and is an example of something my friend’s family had to deal with.


Read the Belmont Report. (2021, June 16). Retrieved January 6, 2022, from…


1/5/22, 8:14 PM


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Respect for persons. This is arguably one of the most important principles for nursing because it’s something that all our care should be centered around and the Belmont Report helps us go through that reasoning and point, especially when taking care of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and their families (OHRP, 2021). This is important because by respecting them as a person allows you to give them the best care possible, but also place value on them as a person. It also helps the families knowing that their loved one is getting the care and respect they deserve in such a difficult time.

A possible scenario that reflects respect for persons is if the patient has no idea what is going on around them due to memory loss, but as a nurse you sit down with them and explain to them what is happening and what is going on rather than brushing it off as a daily occurrence or annoyance. It’s disheartening when we see elderly patients in assisted living or nursing homes not receiving the care they deserve. But by treating our patients with respect, we can give them the care they deserve and need.


Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP). “The Belmont Report.”, 16 June 2021,

Bottom of Form

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