Retention of Nurses SWOT Analysis

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Retention of Nurses SWOT Analysis




Deliverable 6 – SWOT Analysis

Assignment Content

Integrate creative leadership and management strategies to facilitate change. Student Success Criteria
View the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details & Information pane. Scenario
You are assigned to create a strategic plan that facilitates change to improve outcomes in your organization. Knowing that change is based on data, relative position within the dynamics of an organization, and a theoretical foundation, you agree to complete a SWOT analysis supported by a change theory. Instructions
Generate a SWOT analysis that reflects an understanding of a problem within the context of the organization’s needs and potential for change. As a nurse leader or manager, develop your analysis based on a change theory to improve outcomes by addressing one of the following processes:

Healing spaces

Retention of new nurses

Increase number of BSN RNs

Nurse leader succession planning

Clinical ladder

This SWOT analysis will include a description of the strengths of the proposed change, weaknesses within the context of the organization, opportunities for improving outcomes if the proposed change is implemented, and threats to the success of this proposal. A thorough analysis must include the following:

  1. Identify and integrate a change theory as the foundation of your SWOT analysis justifying the selection of the theory used.

Description of the problem to be analyzed to promote a change and improve an outcome.

What is a SWOT Analysis in Business?Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities ThreatsAnswerUse Credo Reference Books to locate a definition and general information about SWOT analysis.  Simply type in SWOT to pull up dictionary and encyclopedia entries from business encyclopedias. This SWOT Analysis article should be helpful for getting started.If you’d like to see a sample SWOT analysis, you can locate a number of them in our Business Source Complete database. This is also a great database for you if you’re looking for information about how to do a SWOT analysis or how they are used.  Follow these steps to review a sample SWOT analysis:In Business Source Complete, type in SWOT in the search box, and hit the search button.To narrow the results down to actual SWOT analyses, use the limiters on the left side of the screen.  Under Source Type, check the box next to SWOT Analyses and click update.

here is an exampleLeadership in nursingCreative leadership and management strategies Clinical leaders are supposed to have skills and techniques for fostering change during their leadership. They should be equipped with the relevant tools for managing issues that are associated with leadership. This paper shall explain some of the models of changes that are the SWOT analysis for the nursing management process (Longhurst et al., 2020). The American Nurses Association highlights that nurses must adhere to the following significant principles. First, they should always focus on excellence to offer the best services since there shall be optimal commitment toward the success of such a system. The second principle is to target essential tasks, and it requires all the nurses to offer quality healthcare and patient safety. Focus aims at the service that should be of high quality. Also, leadership should always seek to attend to the needs of the staff and that of the patients. Leaders should also aim to cultivate new leaders, establish individual accountability, and embrace advanced education at all time. Nursing Management: SWOT analysisClinical leaders are supposed to have skills and techniques for fostering change during their leadership. They should be equipped with the relevant tools of managing issues that are associated with leadership (Barr & Dowding, 2019) This paper shall explain some of the models of changes that is the SWOT analysis for the nursing management process. Nursing management is concerned with the performance of leadership roles of governance and making decisions within the health facilities that employ the nurses. The function comprises management roles, for instance, staffing, directing, controlling, planning, and organizing. The SWOT analysis shall make sure that the goals of a nurse have been clearly defined and the aspects associated with this job function have been understood effectively. Nurse leaders should always be prepared to deal with the ever-changing requirements in an effective manner. The SWOT analysis is made up of four aspects, for instance, the strengths, the weaknesses, the opportunities, and the threat. Description of the problemThere are four everyday leadership concerns in nursing leadership. Staffing is a challenge since it is hard to evaluate the most effective staff that can effectively serve the number of customers who visit the facility. Budgeting is also another leadership concern since there needs to balance between the staff payroll and the medical supplies in the facility. Boosting morale and mitigating burnout is also another challenge that concerns the nurse leaders. Retaining nurses is a challenge due to high competition from the other firms in the field that heavily pay the nurses (Patella et al., n.d).The most effective way of developing the nursing profession is through the practice of leadership skills. The domain is associated with heightened pressure due to increased demands at the job. Leadership skills skill helps solve problems and procedurally dealing with other issues. Leadership skills commonly lead to increased confidence and the capacity to work to bring about effective changes. Leadership is a vital factor, and it should always be grounded on evidence. The evidence-based approaches increase the patent results of enhancing treatment and improving safety. StrengthsA nurse leader has a many different strengths when it during the process of leadership. The leader can be self-motivated and highly organized as a person and this gives an easy time to carry out their functions. The nurse can also be passionate about nursing making them enjoy doing their work as leaders very effectively. Besides, the nurse who has outstanding verbal communication is also efficient their performing their duties. Additionally, it also remains a strength to a nurse leader who has the ability of working in a team work, has the capacity of identifying risk and scoring highly in graduation. The nurse leader should always be a motivated person who is also organized to lead their team effectively. The nurse who is well organized is automatically efficient at the job since they can allocate duties to the juniors effectively. A leader who is passionate about nursing will always be dedicated to excellence, and their performance will automatically be high. It is a strength for a nurse leader to have working in a team since their duties require teamwork. One of the significant critical functions in the hospital that involves collaboration is operations. The nurse leader is thus supposed to have vital communication skills to carry out their functions effectively. A nurse who has scored highly in graduations will automatically have strong leadership skills that will be helpful in this field. WeaknessesThe weaknesses of in leadership for nurses comprise of one being less confident about holding certain managerial positions.They are always not always sure about their leadership capacities. Such a leader will fail due to poor skill of evidence-based practice and lack of field experience. Also, poor analytical skills are also a weakness to the nurse who is offering services as a leader. Nurse leaders are the engine of all medical operations that are occurring in the health facility. They may fail if they are characterized with weaknesses like less confidence in leading other nurses. When one is not confident, they won’t have the power of delegating duties to the junior. In short, their leadership impact won’t be practical it ought to be. Also, whenever the nurse leader is not aware of their duties, they will not know how to lead.Also, the nurse leader can be a failure if they have inadequate skills in evidence-based practices.  Nurses who don’t have experience in nursing will also have a challenge in leading the others.A leader is supposed to have expertise since other nurses look upon them in case of complications. OpportunitiesSome of the opportunities in the nursing leadership position is having the opportunity of doing a higher diploma inn nursing or having increased personal achievements like published journals and books. Also, other opportunities to nurse leaders comprise of multiplicity in work progress, job security and the capacity of serving remote and community with the high demand for nurses (Jeffs et al., 2019)Anyone who is serving a role as a nurse leader or those who aspire to become nurse leaders have the opportunity of doing a higher degree in nursing that will equip them will have excellent management skills. This will also give them the options in terms of competition during the interviews, and they will stand a higher chance of attracting the management position than their counterparts who don’t have such skills. The multiplicity of work progress is also an opportunity since the leader will have various skills to manage fellow workmates. The nursing field has job security that is stable with new career prospects being created. The capacity of serving the remote communities with the high demand of nurses is also an opportunity since the nurses will need to be led. ThreatsThe threats in the nursing leadership career comprise of the high professional competition from other nurses and instances of stress because of extended shift durations. Moreover, the nurse leader may face the threat of poor emotional intelligence that affects their job or lack of support at the workplace. Leadership in nursing is familiar with many threats due to several factors. First, there is a threat of competition from the other nurses. It is hard to attain leadership in nursing since the field is highly competitive. Equally, those in leadership are at risk of being replaced whenever they relent. People are highly educated, which makes them qualify to compete for a leadership position in nursing effectively. Besides, nurse leaders will always have a challenge of stress due to extended shifts. The main reason is that they must be present until all medical procedures have been reconciled effectively. ConclusionLeadership is a multifaceted function that requires excellent skills for one to manage other nurses. The nurses must be equipped with relevant skills and techniques of leadership to make sure they serve to help the organization achieve its goals. The SWOT analysis shall show the nurse leaders’ changes to remain competitive and reliable leaders. Leadership is a broad term that encompasses many functions and roles that require excellent management skills to be successful as a nurse leader. A nurse leader will constantly be challenged with the four leadership concerns under the field they operate in. This comprises staffing, budgeting, retaining nurses, and boosting the morale of other nurses. The SWOT analysis that has been shown in this presentation shows how nursing leadership should be carried out. The strengths that have been determined in this presentation should be considered the best chance to showcase their leadership capacity.

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