Research Theory and Evidence Based Practice Essay

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Research Theory and Evidence Based Practice Essay




NUR3643CBE Section 01CBE Research and Theory

 Using Research and Theory to Support Practice

  1. Competency
    Explain the relationship between research, theory, and evidence-based practice. Scenario
    Often times in practice, changes occur that nurses may not agree with or don’t understand. As a BSN prepared registered nurse, you are expected to identify areas of opportunity for practice change based on current, best evidence. While having lunch with your nurse manager you were discussing a recent practice change that was implemented on the unit. The nurse manager shared that some of the staff nurses were questioning why the change occurred. They asked if you would prepare a presentation to share with the staff nurses about the importance of utilizing current evidence to guide and support nursing practice. You will present the information at next month’s staff meeting. Instructions
    Create a presentation about one evidence-based practice change that you have encountered in either your workplace or clinical experience. Include the following in your presentation.

    • Provide background and significance of problem
    • Describe the practice change
    • Summary of research literature supporting the practice change
    • Apply a theoretical framework to support the practice change


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