Growth in Computer Science Video Presentation

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Growth in Computer Science Video Presentation





  • Describe the historical progression of Computer Science.
  • Assess the impact of Computer Science on society and business.
  • Differentiate between Computer Science specialties.
  • Describe hardware technologies used in Computer Science.
  • Explain software technologies used in Computer Science.
  • Explain the importance of security in Computer Science.
  • Assignment Content.
  • Scenario
    You are the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a fortune 100 technology company. You will create a video presentation entitled Computer Science at a Crossroad to post on the company’s social media site. The target audience is technology-inclined individuals that may visit the company’s social media. Instructions
    Create a 15-minute maximum video presentation that includes the following items:

    • Historical growth in Computer Science, make sure that you include the dates
    • How Computer Science has changed society and business
    • Various specialties in Computer Science that will help transform mankind
    • Future Hardware and Software which will be used to help the transformation
    • Security issues and challenges in which Computer Science will be needed
    • Ethical challenges that Computer Science professionals need to address
    • Charts/Images that are detailed and clear
    • To create a video, you may use a video recording program on your personal device or a free web-based video recording application such as Screencast-O-Matic.
      To submit your project, upload your recording as embed code, a link, or .mp4 file.

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