Real Life Applications Using Sets Discussion

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Real Life Applications Using Sets Discussion



Describe real-life applications using sets. Proceed to take those sets and determine if they are onto, one-to-one, and invertible while also perform operations on sets.


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You have just been hired on as manager for Zeta Groups and Rings, the new leader in computer security. Your first assignment is to fill 8 positions:

  • 2 Administrative Assistants
  • 2 Customer Service Representatives
  • 3 IT Security Engineers
  • 1 Chief Information Security Officer

You have the following spreadsheet (below) which contains names of possible candidates, their respective positions they would be eligible to perform, and the number of years of experience in that position. You must fill those positions and then follow the instructions given below.*Special note: An employee can take on more than one position if they are qualified. For example, Jamie Houston could be both an Administrative Assistant and Customer Service Representative if you desire.


Using the job fillings you choose, create three sets of data: