Powerpoint On A PICOt Question

Powerpoint On A PICOt Question

6-7 slides. Please make sure references are in APA format. Biggest comment from professors.

Assignment: Evidence-Based Project, Part 3: Advanced Levels of Clinical Inquiry and Systematic Reviews
Your quest to purchase a new car begins with an identification of the factors important to you. As you conduct a search of cars that rate high on those factors, you collect evidence and try to understand the extent of that evidence. A report that suggests a certain make and model of automobile has high mileage is encouraging. But who produced that report? How valid is it? How was the data collected, and what was the sample size?
In this Assignment, you will delve deeper into clinical inquiry by closely examining your PICO(T) question. You also begin to analyze the evidence you have collected.
To Prepare:
· Review the Resources and identify a clinical issue of interest that can form the basis of a clinical inquiry.
· Develop a PICO(T) question to address the clinical issue of interest for the Assignment.
· Use the key words from the PICO(T) question you developed and search at least four different databases in the Walden Library to identify at least four relevant peer-reviewed articles at the systematic-reviews level related to your research question.
· Reflect on the process of creating a PICO(T) question and searching for peer-reviewed research.
The Assignment (Evidence-Based Project)
Part 3: Advanced Levels of Clinical Inquiry and Systematic Reviews
Create a 6- to 7-slide PowerPoint presentation in which you do the following:
· Identify and briefly describe your chosen clinical issue of interest.
· Describe how you developed a PICO(T) question focused on your chosen clinical issue of interest.
· Identify the four research databases that you used to conduct your search for the peer-reviewed articles you selected.
· Provide APA citations of the four peer-reviewed articles you selected.
· Describe the levels of evidence in each of the four peer-reviewed articles you selected, including an explanation of the strengths of using systematic reviews for clinical research. Be specific and provide examples.
Davies, K. S. (2011). Formulating the evidence based practice question: A review of the frameworks for LIS professionals. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 6(2), 75–80. https://doi.org/10.18438/B8WS5N.
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Stillwell, S. B., Fineout-Overholt, E., Melnyk, B. M., & Williamson, K. M. (2010b). Evidence-based practice, step by step: Searching for the evidence. American Journal of Nursing, 110(5), 41–47. doi:10.1097/01.NAJ.0000372071.24134.7e. Retrieved from https://journals.lww.com/ajnonline/Fulltext/2010/05000/Evidence_Based_Practice,_Step_by_Step__Searching.24.aspx
A PICOt question will yield the most relevant and best evidence from a search of existing literature (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2019, p. 17). PICOt stand for the following;
P- Population, Problem, or patient
I- Intervention/Exposure
C- Comparative Intervention/Exposure
O- Outcome
t- Time
PICOt approach will provide an initial basis for mutual understanding, communication, and direction to help answer clinical study questions(Riva, Malik, Burnie, Endicott, & Busse, 2012).
When formulating my PICOt question, I first wrote down my general question Does music therapy help with outbursts on the Senior Behavioral Health Unit. Then by using the PICOt formula, I was able to rewrite my question to:
In Geriatric patients over 50 years old with Dementia and behavioral outbursts (P) does music therapy (I) reduce behavioral outbursts (O) compared to no music therapy (C) in two weeks (t)?
For my question, I decided to use PsycArticles and PsycINFO since my questions are psych related. My results were the following:
Behavioral Outbursts & Music Therapy – 0 results
Dementia & Music Therapy- 281 results
Dementia & Music Therapy & 2 weeks- 9 results
Geriatric & Music Therapy- 153 results
Geriatric & Music Therapy & Behavioral outbursts- 0 results
Geriatric & Dementia & Music Therapy- 67 results
Geriatric & Dementia & Outbursts- 0 results
Behavioral Outbursts & Music Therapy- 0 results
Dementia & Music Therapy- 4 results
Dementia & Music Therapy & 2 weeks- 0 results
Geriatric & Music Therapy- 3 results
Geriatric & Music Therapy & Behavioral outbursts- 0 results
Geriatric & Dementia & Music Therapy- 3 results
Geriatric & Dementia & Outbursts- 0 results
The number of results decreased after I added more words and interchanged words. I had better results with PsycINFO than I did with PsycARTICLES. To increase the rigor and effectiveness, one needs to consider all areas of the PICOt question. One can also relook at their PICOt question to make sure it is correctly worded, does it need to be reworded, and are you missing a part of the question. Once you relook at your question a new search can be completed. This is something I will be utilizing throughout my nursing career now.

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Powerpoint On A PICOt Question


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